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Crochet Ear Warmer / Winter Headband

I recently discovered this bright and colourful velvet yarn and thought it would be really beautiful for a crochet ear warmer. It’s so soft and fluffy, perfect for winter!

A printable PDF version of this pattern is available on Etsy here or Ravelry here.

I’m using just one type of stitch – half double crochets – same as in my Infinity Scarf pattern. But the difference is that here they are worked into the spaces between the stitches in the previous row. 

It’s very easy and quick to make, which makes it a great crochet project for beginners. You can watch the short video demonstration below.

crochet twisted ear warmers

Average Head Circumference

Women: Small = 21″ (53cm), Medium 22″ (56cm), Large 23″ (58.5cm)

Men: Small = 22″ (56cm), Medium 23″ (58.5cm), Large 24″ (61cm)

For child/teen sizes see detailed chart on Craft Yarn Council’s website.

How to make the right size

You can measure your head circumference (where your headband will be sitting). Generally you would need to make a headband 2-3 inches shorter than your head circumference as the headband will stretch. But depending on your yarn and the type of stitch you are using it will stretch differently. If possible, you can try it on when you get to about 19 inches (for adults) by wrapping it around your head. That way the size will be most accurate.

The width of this headband is 3.5″ (9cm). This is a good width for my head and I don’t like them to be wider. But If you do, please make sure to chain a few chains more in the beginning to get your desired width.

Crochet Twisted Ear Warmer – free pattern


Yarn: Vel-Luxe from Lionbrand  (colours: Lilac, Marigold, Silver)

Hook: 5mm 


This Headband measures 3.5” (9cm) wide and 19.5” (49.5cm) in circumference


12 stitches x 10 rows in pattern = 4″


Ch = chain

St = stitch

HDC = half double crochet


Ch 11

Row 1: HDC in the second chain from the hook and across (10 total). Ch 1 and turn.

Row 2: HDC into the first space between the stitches in the previous row and across. Ch 1 and turn. (total 10 throughout the pattern)

Row 3 – until you reach the desired length: repeat row 2.

After you reach the desired length of your headband – fasten off and cut the yarn leaving a long tail (around 15″ or 35cm) for sewing the ends together.

To make the twist please watch the video for visual guidance and more details.

Weave in all ends and turn it inside out. Done!

If you like this pattern and would like to print it in a PDF format you can get it on Etsy or Ravelry

Hope you enjoyed making those ear warmers! Check out the Ocean Breeze Crochet Headband for more ideas!

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