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Crochet Knit-Look Infinity Scarf

Are you looking for a simple, easy to make crochet infinity scarf? This knit-look crochet scarf is soft & squishy and has a beautiful texture!

A free PDF verson of this pattern is currently avalable on Ravelry!

I’ve used Caron Cotton Cakes, the same type of yarn as in my Ribbed Scarf for two reasons. First, because I wanted to see how different the two scarves will look at the end just by using a different pattern. And second, because I loved working with this yarn so much and I happened to have enough of it for the second scarf.

I also used Caron Cotton Cakes in a different colour for my Ocean Breeze Scarf with Fringe.

This yarn is velvety to the touch, really easy and fun to work with and I’m really happy with how the scarf turned out to be so soft and squishy.

I have a short 4 min video demonstration below you can watch or scroll down for the written pattern. A printable PDF version of this pattern available from Ravelry here.

The scarf is worked in a round. Each round after round 1 – turn and work in the opposite direction.

If you are using a different type of yarn that doesn’t change colour, then you could work in straight rows back and forth and then connect the two ends by stitching them together with a yarn needle.

In this case, because of the multi-coloured nature of the yarn, sewing the two ends together would create a more visible seam. Working in a round however blends the seam better in.

crochet scarf seam
Crochet Infinity Scarf seam

But if you know a way to make the seam even less visible using this stitch, would love to hear it in the comments below!

Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

crochet ribbed scarf
Infinity scarf crochet


Yarn: Caron Cotton Cakes from Yarnspirations, 2 skeins, colour Rose Whisper

Hook: 5mm (H-8) and 6mm (J-10) for the foundation chain (this is optional, the bigger hook provides more stretch)

Yarn needle


Measuring tape


19cm width x 132cm circumference (7.5” x 52”)


13 stitches x 15 rows in BL HDC = 10cm (4″)


Ch = chain

St = stitch

Rnd = round

HDC = half double crochet

BL HDC = back loop half double crochet

Pattern Notes

This scarf is worked in a round, connecting the rounds with a slip stitch and turning before starting the next round.

I use a bigger size hook for the foundation chain as it will stretch better together with the rest of the scarf. (Foundation chains tend to be slightly tighter than the rest of the project.)

You can customize your scarf by chaining more or less for a bigger/smaller circumference.

You can make a wider scarf by working more rounds.

Infinity Scarf Written Instructions

Ch 180 or until you reach 52″ using the 6mm hook.

Change to 5mm hook and connect the first and last chains with a slip stitch creating a circle. Straighten the chain before connecting it, so it’s not twisted. 

Note: I’m using the back loops of the chain (the bumpy side) in row 1, so I connected to the first back loop in order to continue working on that side in row 1 (see video demonstration). It’s absolutely fine to use the front side of the chain if you’re more comfortable with that. I just think it creates a better looking edge when it’s worked into the back loops of the chain.

Rnd 1: Ch 1, HDC in first back chain from hook (the first bump) and across. Connect with a slip stitch and turn. (total 180 sts throughout the pattern)

Rnd 2: Ch 1, BL HDC in the first st from hook and across, connect with sl st. Turn

Rnd 3-30: repeat row 2. 

You can do more than 30 rows if you want to make your scarf a little more chunky. Or if you’re using a thicker yarn you may not need 30 rows. You can check the progress as you go and adjust the number of rows according to the yarn you’re using.

Infinity Scarf Crochet Video Demonstration

Video tutorial How to Crochet Infinity Scarf

Finish off and weave in all ends.

Would love to hear from you in the comments below how you liked this pattern!

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2 replies on “Crochet Knit-Look Infinity Scarf”

debbie goodwinsays:

Have you tried the invisible slip stitch, that takes alot visually away from the seam. I can’t remember who’s blog it was but there was a utube for it.

Hi Debbie, oh yes the invisible slip stitch would probably work even better! Thanks for the tip, will definitely try it out on my next infinity scarf. ❤️

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