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Crochet Thick Potholder – Thermal Stitch

The Thermal Stitch is by far the best stitch (that I know of) you can use to crochet a thick potholder. It’s quite dense and thick – it’s basically double the thickness of a normal single crochet. It’s perfect for a potholder or anything that needs that extra thickness.

Scroll down for the free pattern or get a printable PDF from Etsy here or from Ravelry here!

When trying this stitch for the first time, the trickiest part is to find the right stitch that you need to crochet into. The whole pattern consists of Thermal Single Crochets (single crochets that are worked into the back loops of current and previous rows together). That’s what creates the thickness.

If you’re not familiar with the Thermal stitch it might take a little getting the hang of it. Especially the first couple of rows as you need to pay extra attention to the stitches. For this reason I recommend starting with one colour first and then you can get creative with stripes of different colours!

Take a look at the Crochet Thermal Stripes Potholder where I show how to change colours and carry yarn without cutting it inside the thermal stitches.

Crochet Thermal Stitch Potholder – Fee Pattern

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Yarn: any 100% Cotton (I’m using 8ply)

Hook: 3mm (I’m using this set of hooks)

Note: If you’re using 10ply adjust the size of your hook to 5mm (or see the recommended hook size on the yarn label)


This potholder measures 17cmx17cm (6.5”x6.5”)


Ch = chain

Sc = single crochet

St = stitch

Th st = Thermal stitch 


Thermal stitch: Insert the hook into the back loop of the indicated stitch and into the parallel loop from the row below. Work a single crochet as normal through both of those loops. (Watch the video demonstration below for visual guidance)

Crochet Pot Holder Pattern:

Ch 35 (or any number if you like to make it bigger or smaller)

Row 1: Sc in the second chain from the hook and across (34 total throughout the pattern). Ch 1 and turn it in a way that you still see the same side you were just working on, see picture below.

Row 2: Insert the hook into the back loop of the very first stitch and into the parallel loop from the chain row (refer to picture). Work a single crochet as normal through both of those loops. That’s one Thermal Stitch. Continue working Th sts into every stitch across the row. Ch 1 and turn.

crochet hook inserted into first loop
Thermal stitch

Row 3: Th St in the first and across the row. Ch 1 and turn.

Rows 4-36: Repeat Row 3.

Always work a single crochet into both, the back loop and the parallel loop of the row below.

Update: This is a NEW VIDEO with more detailed demonstration of the thermal stitch and potholder pattern from start to finish. I am using a 10 ply Cotton yarn and 5mm hook so the number of chains and rows will be different from the written pattern. Depending on your yarn and hook size, you can choose to follow the written pattern or the one I mention in the video. In this video I’m also showing a different way of finishing up (last row + loop) which I personally like better. ☺️

Last Row: The only difference here is that this time instead of inserting your hook into the back loop – insert your hook under the ‘V’ (both loops – as you would normally work a SC) and the parallel loop from row below. You’ll have four loops on your hook (see picture below. Work a SC and repeat across the row. This will create a nice finish.

crochet hook last row slip stitch
thick potholder crochet pattern

Loop: After you finish your last row, chain 20 to make a loop.

Work a Sc into the same stitch. Then do a couple of slip stitches along the side to even out the finish. Weave in ends.

crochet potholder loop


Let me know in the comments what you think of this pattern and what else you could use it for!

If you would like to print it in a PDF format or save it to your computer to have all patterns in one place you can get a printable version of this pattern from my Etsy shop here. For this PDF pattern I used Fiddlesticks Finch 100% Cotton yarn 10ply in Mustard and Sage Green.

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Take a look at the Half Double Crochet Thermal Stitch Potholder – I really like the texture of it!

And another variation of this pattern is the Thermal Stripes Potholder where I show how to carry yarn and change colours when using the Thermal Stitch.

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4 replies on “Crochet Thick Potholder – Thermal Stitch”

Maria Inêssays:

Very good to learn a new stitch – thermal stitch – to make a potholder. I like small projects and hope to make a few for gift giving
Maria I Lacey

Hi Maria, that’s great! The thermal stitch potholders would make great gifts! 🙂

Loretta Lapcevichsays:

Very easy to follow directions! Just finished single crochet thermal stitch and LOVE how it turned out! Thank you!!!!

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