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Crochet Clutch

This little crochet purse is a great project for beginners! It’s so easy and quick to make using only one stitch – single crochet. This clutch can be done in a few hours or in a day even if you’re just starting out in your crocheting journey.

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crochet green clutch with button
crochet clutch pattern

If you know how to crochet single crochets then that’s all you need to know for this project. If not, I have a video tutorial for beginners here where you can learn how to crochet from the very beginning.

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crochet clutch


Hook size: 3mm (I’m using this set of hooks here)

Yarn: I used cotton blend with bamboo for this project (Lion Brand has some beautiful bright colours here! )

Finished measurements:

19cm x 10cm (7.5′ x 4′)


Ch – chain

Sc – single crochet

St – stitch


Ch 53, turn

Row 1: Sc in second chain from hook and across (total 52 stitches), turn

Row 2: ch 1, Sc in first chain from hook and across, turn 

Row 3-52: repeat row 2.


At the end of row 52, after your last Sc: chain 60 (chain more if your hand doesn’t fit inside comfortably. The handle should still be loose around your hand. I have small hands, so depending on the size of your hands, you would need to adjust the number of chains.)

Row 1: Sc in second ch and across all the way to the first chain. Finish off, leave approx. 40 cm (15″) yarn for sewing the sides together.

Turn the finished work so that you can see the grooves going vertical. Count approx 21 stitches from the bottom and fold it there in shape (refer to the photo) Sew the sides together, weave ends. 


Choose a large decorative button and sew it in the middle of your pouch (as shown on the photo below) making sure there is enough space for the top cover to close. 

crochet clutch
Crochet Clutch

Button loop

Crochet a loop for your button by chaining 10 from the middle of the top cover. But before doing this, fold the top down and see where your button is located and identify where the loop should be located.

For this particular button on the photo I needed to chain 10 but you may need more or less., adjust it accordingly to fit the size of your button.

Make sure the button fits inside of your loop. Attach the button and weave in all ends. 


I hope you enjoyed making this clutch 🙂

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crrochet clutch with button
crochet purse / clutch

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this pattern and share a picture of your work!

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