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How do you start to crochet? And how do you make the very first stitch?

If you never tried to crochet before or you tried a long time ago and would like to refresh your memory, then this tutorial is for you.

In this video demonstration (see below) I will show you how to attach the yarn to the hook and make the first loop, the first chain and the first stitch. By the end of the video, if you follow along, you’ll be able to crochet something like this in the picture below!

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Let’s get a hook & some yarn, make yourself comfortable and let’s crochet together!

You’ll need a hook (I have 3mm size hook in this video but you can use any type/size of hook you have currently available) and cotton yarn.

I’m using this set of hooks from Amazon which includes sizes 2-8mm, you also get markers, tapestry needles and a few other things in the set which will be handy.

I am a big fan of cotton yarn and cotton blends also just love this bright and colourful yarnfrom Lion Brand!


As with everything, the more you practise the better you’ll get at it. Don’t expect your very first trials to look perfect. Nobody ever made their very first crochet stitches perfectly.

Just have fun with it! And if you don’t expect a great outcome and just enjoy the process, then you’ll come back to it more and more often and that’s what will make a difference!

The only rule here is to enjoy the process and have fun!


After you’ve practiised Single Crochet stitches you can start with this simple and easy to make Crochet Clutch where I share a free pattern! (see picture below). Make it for yourself or gift it to someone special!

Crochet clutch free pattern

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