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Crochet Simple Cup Cozy

This Cup Cozy is a great project for beginners, it’s so easy and quick to make. I’m using one of my favourite stitches – half double crochet. It’s one of the basic stitches and very easy to learn!

I have used a different technique here to crochet in spiral rounds. This way you won’t see a seam that you normally have when connecting the rounds with a slip stitch, such as in my Flower Cup Sleeve.

Scroll down for written instructions and a short video demonstration!

orange crochet cup cozy
Crochet Cup Cozy Pattern

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Yarn: Any 100% Cotton yarn, 8ply (DK, light worsted) here is a nice selection of colours)

Hook: 3mm (I’m using this set of hooks)

Yarn needle (for weaving in ends at the end)

green cup in crochet cup cozy
Crochet Cup Cozy Pattern


Ch = chain

Hdc = half double crochet

Sl st= slip stitch

Cup Dimensions:

This pattern is for a 8.5cm (3,5″) in diameter and 12.5cm (5″) tall cup. Adjust the initial number of chains to fit around your cup.


To get the right length of your foundation chain: stretch the chain and wrap around the base of your cup. The ends should just barely touch. As you start working on it it will stretch.

You will be working in a spiral from the bottom up and won’t need to connect the beginning and end of rounds (apart from the foundation chain). That way the seam is eliminated and it looks beautiful from any side!

Crochet Cup Cozy Pattern:

Ch 40, join in round with a slip stitch (Make sure to adjust the number of chains to fit around your cup as this will depend on the type of yarn you’re using and the size of your hook, see Note above on how to get the right amount of chains).

Round 1: Ch 1, HDC in first chain from hook and across the round. Do NOT connect this round with a slip stitch as you normally would. Simply continue on top of the stitches of the first round (see Round 2).

Round 2: work a HDC into the space between the first and the second HDC stitches of the first row. Continue working HDCs into the spaces between the stitches until you reach the desired size. (If you have stitch markers you can use them here to mark the beginning of each round. But you don’t have to – it will just make it easier to see where you have to finish off at the end.)

Refer to my short video demonstration for more guidance!

Note: Check the height of your cup sleeve and adjust the number of rows accordingly. It should not cover the whole cup, only the middle part. You may need less than 12 rows, it depends on the thickness of your yarn, the size of your hook and your tension.

Finishing off:

When you reach the desired height, work until the start of this round (approx). If you didn’t use stitch markers, you can determine the start of a round by looking at the tail of yarn hanging below. This is where you connencted your foundation chain and started working on the rounds. And therefore this is the start of each round.

Stop right above that end and work a SC in each of the next two spaces and a Sl St in the next two. It will even out the height of the row and create a smoother finish. Refer to the video above for visual guidance.

Note: the more rounds you have the less of a difference in height will it make as it’s evening out on its own with each round. So, if you only have 3 or 4 rounds, the height difference will be more noticeable than if you have 15-20 rounds.

Tie off and weave in the ends.

I hope you enjoyed making this cup cozy! Take a look at the other cup cozy I made where I connected the rounds with a slip stitch and concealed the seam 🙂

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