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Crochet Ribbed Scarf

Crochet this quick and easy scarf for spring, autumn or winter!

I wanted to make a scarf that’s not too thick and that I can wear during the spring & autumn seasons. But if you use a thicker yarn you can easily transform it into a really warm winter scarf.

The stitch I’m using in this pattern is commonly used for ribbing. It’s elastic, soft and resembles knitting. The main stitch is single crochet (SC) and back loop single crochet (BLSC). This pattern is so easy which makes it perfectly suitable for beginners. If you are an absolute beginner, you can watch this tutorial first on how to start to crochet, making the first loop and single crochet stitch.

I love this stitch. I think it looks great especially in scarves, beanies and wherever you need some stretch. It’s an easy and repetitive pattern, so you can easily relax and watch your favourite movie! 🙂

Scroll down for the free pattern or watch the video demonstration below.

crochet ribbed scarf


Yarn: Caron Cotton Cakes from Yarnspirations (2 skeins, colour Rose Whisper)

Hook: 6mm and 7mm for the foundation chain


19cm x 164cm (7.5” x 64”)

Note: You can easily adjust the size of your scarf by chaining more or less and adjusting the number of rows.

crochet hook with a loop on it in the process of crocheting a scarf
Quick and easy crochet scarf


Ch = chain

St = stitch

SC = single crochet (single crochet tutorial here)

BLSC = back loop single crochet

Crochet Scarf Free Pattern:

Ch 27 (chain more if you like a wider scarf)

Row 1: SC in second chain from hook and across, turn (total 26)

Row 2: chain 1, BLSC into the first st from hook and across, turn (refer to video below)

Row 3: repeat row 2 until you reach the desired length of your scarf.

Finish off and weave in the ends.

Would love to hear how it turned out for you. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comments below!

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