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Crochet Laptop Sleeve

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crochet puff stitch laptop sleeve on top of surface pro

This pattern is very simple and doesn’t require any extra attention as there is not much counting involved. So once you have done a couple of rows it’s Puff Stitches all the way!

Mainly it is just one stitch (Puff Stitch) all the way throughout the pattern. If you’re trying this stitch for the first time it can be a little fiddly as you have to pull through 9 loops to make a puff stitch. Make sure your tension is not too tight and the loops quite tall so the hook can glide through all 9 loops without getting caught.

The yarn I’m using is Moda Vera Starlight, it has a green sparkling hue to it that’s unfortunately not visible on pictures. I love how it’s reflecting the sun light.


Yarn: Moda Vera Starlight, acrylic. Colours: Off-White 3 skeins and Tea-Rose 1 skein. (or any 8ply/DK/light worsted yarn)

Hook: 3mm


10 puff stitches x 13 rows = 4″ (10cm)


This pattern is for a Surface Pro tablet/laptop. Adjust the number of chains and rows to fit the width and length of your laptop.


Surface Pro laptop dimensions: width 20cm (8”) and length 29cm (11.5”)

Crochet Sleeve dimensions: width 21.5cm (8.5”) and length 32cm (12.5”)


Ch = chain

SC = single crochet

HDC = half double crochet

St = stitch

Sl st = slip stitch

Pf st = puff stitch (yarn over & pull up a loop 4 times in same stitch. Refer to video demonstration below. Note, I’m demonstrating the stitches and all the tips for starting the rows and joining rows on a smaller example which is not the actual size of the sleeve. This is just for demonstration purposes 🙂


Ch 43 (or any odd number if you need to make it bigger)

Row 1: HDC in second chain from the hook and across, turn (total 42)

Note: It may look a little shorter than your laptop’s width in the beginning as you can see on the photo below, but it should stretch as you continue with the next rows. It may not stretch if you’re using a cotton or cotton blend yarn. When you complete the first row, test it by stretching it to the width of your laptop and if it is not stretching, you would need to chain more.

starting chain of crochet laptop sleeve
Crochet laptop sleeve

Row 2: Do NOT chain as you normally would when starting a new row, simply stretch the loop you have on your hook to the height of your puff stitch. Yarn over and insert your hook into the first stitch, yarn over & pull up a loop four times for this pattern. Finalise the puff stitch. *Skip 1, Pf St in next*, repeat until the end of the row. (Refer to video demonstration below for more detailed instructions on Puff Stitches)

Working in rounds from this row onwards, rotate and keep working on the other side of the chain. Pf St in the first chain, *skip 1, Pf St in next *until the end of the row, Sl St (Total 42 Pf st).

Row 3: Pf St in the gap between the puff stitches in the previous row, behind the loop on the hook (refer to video) and in each gap across. Sl St.

You can watch the short video below. For demonstration purposes I’m showing all the stitches on a smaller size. It’s not the actual size of the sleeve 🙂

Row 4-43: repeat row 3

Note: Switch to your contrasting colour in rows 26 and 28

Row 44: Ch 1, SC in next and across, Sl St.

Note: Each start of your rows will shift a little to the middle due to the way the pattern is designed. But that’s fine because there is no visible seam here. So the very last row (row 44) will probably start somewhere in the middle of the sleeve. Finish off and weave in ends.


I didn’t think a button or a zip are necessary as the sleeve is quite snug fitting. It’s holding the laptop in even when I pick it up upside down. But if it turned out a little loose for you then you could place a button and make a loop similiar to what I did in my Crochet Clutch.

I hope you enjoyed making this crochet sleeve! Let me know in the comments how it turned out for you 🙂

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