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35 Free Crochet Coaster Patterns for You to Try

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Are you looking for some unique and beautiful crochet coaster patterns? These patterns below are for all skill levels, and you’ll find a variety of different coaster patterns to try! Some are more detailed for more experienced crocheters, and some are easy for beginners! I’m so excited to share this wonderful collection of free crochet coaster patterns with you.

Here you’ll find crochet coasters with different shapes, from easy squares to circles to hexagons! Crochet coasters are quick makes that are perfect for last-minute gift giving, whatever the occasion. They make fantastic little gifts for Housewarming, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just because you want to make a couple for yourself! 🙂

Many crochet coaster patterns on this list may introduce you to a new crochet technique or a new shape that you haven’t tried before. Some are easier than others, but all of them are fun to crochet! So, let’s get started!

What is the best yarn to use for crochet coasters?

Cotton yarn is the way to go for your crochet coasters! It’s fantastic because it absorbs water really well and lays flat on the table. Plus, it’s super durable. You can wash them in the washing machine without any worries (unless specified otherwise in the crochet coaster pattern). Just remember, after washing, lay them out flat on the table while they’re still damp and let them air dry to maintain their shape. This technique is called blocking.

If you’re not dealing with scorching hot objects (we’re talking pans straight out of the oven), a blend of cotton and acrylic yarn can be an option. However, remember that acrylic has a lower heat tolerance and may melt when exposed to hot items. But if you’re using your coaster as intended, just for a hot cup of tea or coffee (or cold beverages), then that’s no problem at all. However, to be safe, it’s always a good idea to opt for 100% cotton yarn. It’s a reliable choice that ensures your coasters can handle whatever comes their way!

So, let’s get started on those crochet coaster patterns!

Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

Scroll down to start with the coasters and pin this for later, so you’ll find these free crochet coaster patterns again when you need them!

Boho Crochet Heart Coaster Pattern

Hearts are not just for Valentine’s Day! Enjoy these cute boho heart-shaped coasters all-year-round. The fringed edging creates that boho-style-look that’s so popular right now.

Pattern: Stitching Together

Modern Square Crochet Coasters

These square coasters are made using the Thermal stitch (half double crochet). They have a slightly different texture from the Thermal (single crochet) coasters you’ll also see in this list. These crochet coasters are nicely textured and double thick so that they will stay in shape.

Pattern: My Crochet Space

Spiderweb Halloween Coasters

Use this free pattern and video tutorial to crochet spooky spider web coasters for your Halloween party or home decor! Especially when it comes to spooky Halloween projects like these spider web coasters, it’s always great fun to make time for creative projects!

Pattern: Raffamusa Designs

Crochet Round Coasters

These beautiful crochet coasters are quick to work up and easy to make! All you need is some worsted-weight cotton yarn and a crochet hook. Just a tip, they would look amazing using a self-striping yarn. 🙂

Pattern: My Crochet Space

Crochet Wordle Coasters

These crochet coasters are the perfect gift for anyone who loves this fun word game. Enjoy these crochet Wordle Coasters patterns and make one for yourself or the Wordle lover in your life!

Pattern: Golden Lucy Crafts

Rounds of Flowers Coasters

Add some colour to your kitchen with these cute crochet coasters! No matter if it’s winter or summer, you can always enjoy your tea/coffee or a cold beverage with these flower-shaped coasters!

Pattern: Raffamusa Designs

Polka Dot Mug Rugs

Have you tried the tapestry crochet? The Polka Dot Mug Rugs are the perfect pattern to learn this technique! Choose your happy colours that make you smile while having a cup of your morning coffee!

Pattern: Raffamusa Desings

Thermal Crochet Coaster 

Here is a simple crochet coaster pattern that you will love! These are thicker than your ordinary crochet coasters, and they’ll look beautiful on your table! Crochet coasters add some warmth and coziness to your home. Make them in different colours for each season so you can have a variety of crochet coasters to pick from. Choose your own favourite colours that make you happy, and let’s get started!

Pattern: My Crochet Space

Quinnley Coaster

The Quinnley Coasters have that modern-vintage feel to them. The pattern is easy that you can make in no time. The coasters are worked in rounds and can be easily adjusted for a bigger size.

Pattern: Through The Loop Yarn Craft

Easy Floral Coasters

Another little flower coaster that is easy to crochet! You could make a couple of them in different colours in no time!

Pattern: Eye Love Knots

Chicken (Butt) Coasters

Want something fun for your Easter gatherings or a Spring party? These Chicken (Butt) coasters are just that – chuckles are guaranteed! 🙂

Pattern: Eye Love Knots

4th of July Coasters

The 4th of July coaster pattern includes instructions for three different circles. Pick and choose the one you like or make all three! 

Pattern: Banana Moon Studio

Blackberry Crochet Coaster

If you’re not familiar with the Blackberry stitch – this free crochet coaster pattern is an excellent introduction to this interesting & textured stitch!

Pattern: Cosy Rosie UK

Happy Little Sun Coaster

Do you want more sunshine in your life? Then these cute coasters are for you! Use this Tunisian crochet coaster pattern that includes a video demonstration to create a little bit of sunshine under your cup. 🙂

Pattern: YarnAndy

Crochet Flower Coaster

Brighten up your home with these cute crochet coasters! With this free pattern, you can customize your own flower coaster by choosing different colours! 

Pattern: Desert Blossom Crafts

Diamond Coasters

Want a different shape? How about these charming hexagon-shaped crochet coasters? You can learn how to create a unique diamond shape by using the filet method! It’s a quick crochet project and perfect for gift-giving!

Pattern: Made By Gootie

Citrus Slices Coasters

Perfect for summer or fruit lovers! These bright and colourful crochet coasters are made using the Tunisian crochet technique. Follow the easy, step-by-step pattern tutorial and don’t forget to pick some bright & fruity colours!

Pattern: YarnAndy

Crochet Pumpkin Coaster

Aren’t those cute? These crochet pumpkin coasters are made with worsted weight yarn and they work up super fast! Customize those coasters by choosing your own pumpkin colours!

Pattern: Desert Blossom Crafts

Crochet Primrose Coaster

Have you tried the Primrose stitch? If not, you can try it now. These easy crochet coasters are made using the Primrose stitch. Plus, they work up fast, and it’s only a two-rows-repeat pattern! These crochet coasters will make the perfect gift for your tea-loving friend!

Pattern: Made by Gootie

Easy Mug Rug

Whether you call it a coaster or a mug rug, this beautifully textured set is definitely a cozy addition to your table! You can learn how to make this unique texture by following the free crochet pattern below!

Pattern: Fosbas Designs

Crochet Drink Coasters

Do you have some leftover cotton yarn in your stash? These bright little sunny coasters will brighten up your day in no time! Choose some worsted-weight cotton yarn and get started!

Pattern: A Crocheted Simplicity

Flower Drink Coasters and Caddy

This is a great little crochet project for flower lovers! The free crochet coaster pattern includes an extra pattern for a coaster caddy so that you can keep your coasters together!

Pattern: A Crocheted Simplicity

Fall Harvest Coaster Set

Here is another set of coasters and a basket! You can make pumpkin or apple coasters with a basket by choosing different colours. You can make this basket to hold the coasters or anything you like. There are many uses I can think of for this Fall Harvest coaster crochet set.

Pattern: A Crocheted Simplicity

Crochet Turkey Coaster

These crochet turkey coasters are perfect for your Thanksgiving table decor. Choose some bright autumn colours and make your own version of those turkey coasters by following the free crochet pattern.

Pattern: Jo to the World

Wine Crochet Coasters

These coasters are fun to make and fun to use with a glass of wine! This free crochet coaster pattern is quick and easy and would make a fun gift for someone special in your life. Or better yet, make them for yourself and enjoy your break!

Pattern: Jo to the World

Beer Crochet Coasters

Another fun crochet project and a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys drinking beer! These crochet coasters are quick and easy to work up and you’ll only need a small amount of yarn. So, it’s a great scrap-busting project! The free pattern includes step-by-step instructions and a chart.

Pattern: Jo to the World

Margarita Coasters

These crochet coasters are for the Margarita drinker in your life! The free crochet coaster pattern includes written instructions and a chart. The coasters pattern is easy and quick to work up!

Pattern: Jo to the World

Paw Print Coasters

This crochet coaster set is a great gift idea for the pet/animal lover! Paw Print Crochet Coasters is a fun, quick, easy free pattern and tutorial. Beginners can learn how to crochet coasters and change colours in crochet with this simple square coaster set!

Pattern: Jo to the World

Mandala Crochet Coasters

Use up your yarn scraps and make these happy Mandala crochet coasters for your home! Get all your yarn leftovers and mix them at random to create these bright and cute little Mandala coasters!

Pattern: Hooked on Patterns

Halloween Eyeball Crochet Coasters

How about some spooky Halloween eyeball coasters? You’ll only need a small amount of yarn, less than 10 yards of each colour, to make these coasters. Follow this easy crochet coaster pattern to create your own version of Eyeball coasters!

Pattern: Hooked on Patterns

Teddy Bear Crochet Coasters

Planning a kid’s birthday party? These cute crochet coasters would be great for this occasion! They could also serve as teddy bear appliques for sewing onto blankets, scarves, or bags. Another fun idea is to string them together, to make a sweet teddy bear bunting for a nursery or kid’s bedroom.

Pattern: Hooked on Patterns

Koala Crochet Coasters

These adorable koala-shaped coasters are fun for kids or any aged koala lovers! Follow the free pattern to make these fun coasters that can also be used as appliqués or bunting too!

Pattern: Hooked on Patterns

Sunflower Crochet Coaster

Ready to invite Summer into your home? With these fun Sunflower coasters, you can do just that! Brighten up your kitchen and your home, or make a lovely housewarming gift. Get some bright yellow and brown colour yarn and follow this free crochet coaster pattern!

Pattern: Hooked on Patterns

Candy Spiral Crochet Coasters

These coasters are quick and easy to make, perfect for a last-minute gift or as craft stall fillers! Choose some vibrant, fun colours to mix together and start creating those swirls. The colour combination is up to you, let’s get creative!

Pattern: Hooked on Patterns

Sunflower Crochet Coaster

Here is another sunflower crochet pattern that you can make for yourself! Let the sunshine warm up your heart and put a smile on your face. Enjoy this free crochet coaster pattern!

Pattern: Handmade by Raine

Maple Leaf Crochet Coaster

The Maple Leaf Coaster is made using the tapestry crochet technique. If you don’t know how to do this technique, that’s a great way to start with colourwork! Make your own fringed crochet coaster version using this technique.

Pattern: Handmade by Raine

Boho Crochet Coasters

This boho crochet coaster pattern has a unique shape with six sides. This is a fun crochet project to do, using beads. This hexagon crochet coaster is also a quick make!

Pattern: Simply Hooked by Janet

Easy Crochet Coaster

This easy crochet coaster pattern is a great stash buster! These coasters use two contrasting colours and some basic stitches, so they work up in no time, and you’ll have a complete set of coasters before you know it! The free crochet patterns include a step-by-step video tutorial and a written pattern.

Pattern: The Loopy Lamb

It’s Coffee Time Mug Rug

This is another tapestry crochet coaster that you’ll love! This quick and easy crochet pattern makes a perfect gift for the coffee lover! Another reason you’ll love making this coaster is that there are no ends to weave in! This free crochet mug rug pattern is a great little project, whether you’re making these for gifts, for the market or just for yourself!

Pattern: The Loopy Lamb

Modern Chunky Crochet Coasters

These easy modern chunky crochet coasters will look perfect on your coffee table! They’ll make fantastic gifts for the holidays too. The easy crochet coaster pattern uses bulky yarn, which means they’ll work up in no time. Great for beginners, as already mentioned, the coaster pattern is super easy!

Pattern: Jewels and Jones

Crochet Circle Coasters

These circle coasters look simple and modern. They’ll make a great addition to your coffee table decor. But really, they would look amazing in any space – whether it’s in the kitchen or dining room. These cute crochet coasters are a great beginner project as the pattern includes a guided video tutorial, and the coasters work up quickly.

Pattern: Jewels and Jones

Diamonds and Tassels Coasters

Now, this is different! How about some cute coasters with a little twist, like these Diamonds and Tassels Coasters? Why not personalise your coasters to your home decor theme, current holiday and your taste? They add a special touch to your surroundings and work up quickly!

Pattern: Blackstone Designs

Little Tree Coasters

This pattern takes a slightly different approach, combining a simple crochet stitch with charming little trees that you can add as a finishing touch. Don’t worry, it’s easy to make them! Just follow this easy crochet coaster pattern instructions!

Pattern: Blackstone Designs

Icicle Coaster Crochet Pattern

Another crochet coaster where you can use up all your leftover yarn! These super cute festive coasters are practical, work up fast and add some colour to your table!

Pattern: Regina P. Designs

I hope you found some great ideas and beautiful crochet coaster patterns for you to try! If you’re after more ideas, check out the free patterns below.

More Free Crochet Patterns

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